1. So touching & divine.

  2. Vitosha & Orchids. On a beautiful sunday morning…

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    longbodieslandwastersMongolian boy sleeping against reindeer

    There was an incredible article in the Post today about the Tsaatan tribe in Mongolia who are reindeer herders. Mongolia claims the lowest inhabitant-to square mile ratio of any country. Something like 4 people to every 40 square miles. Their particular language [some form of mongolian?] is becoming extinct. The most local, and the last, teacher of the language went to the capital to get better pay so she could support her daughter, an aspiring contortionist.

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  6. "Много е трудно, човек да е безразличен към ритници от хора, на които е дал обувки!"
    — М. Куркински
  7. Jenny Holzer x Helmut Lang

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